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Master Nursery Fertilizers

Master Nursery Garden Centers is a national organization that includes over 700 independent nurseries nationwide. It began in 1954 in the San Francisco Bay Area with just a few local nurseries. As Master Nursery Garden Centers has grown over the past 60 years, it has maintained and created the best quality fertilizers and soils on the market today. Below are some of the Master Nursery Fertilizers that we stock year round.

Master Start (5-20-10) - This is an excellent fertilizer for all new plantings of sod or seeded lawns, shrubs, ground covers, flowers, or bare root plantings. The 1:4:2 NPK ratio provides the right nutrient mix to develop a sturdy root system and strong top growth. In addition, we recommend it for fertilizing of your fruit trees in the spring and also great to use as a general purpose fertilizer. Also contains 8% Calcium, 1.25% Iron, 0.10% Manganese, 0.10% Zinc. Available in 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb bags. Master Start

Camellia, Azalea, and Gardenia Food Camellia, Azalea, Gardenia Food (4-8-5) - A fertilizer for all acid-loving and shade-loving plants such as Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons and ferns. This product is designed to promote greening, growth and flower bud formation. Iron is included to aid in reducing chlorosis. Calcium and Sulfur are added to improve water penetration and the soils texture. Also contains 11% Calcium, 3% Sulfur, 3% Iron, 0.20% Manganese, 0.20% Zinc.
Available in 10lb. and 20lb. bags.

Fruit Tree & Vine Food (12-4-8) - Formulated to encourage growth and aid in the development of quality fruits and berries. May also be used on ornamental trees and vines. Recommended to be used in summer and early fall. Also contains 7% Calcium, 0.5% Magnesium, 5% Sulfur, 2% Iron, 0.12% Manganese, 0.12% Zinc.
Available in 10lb. and 20lb. bags.
Fruit Tree and Vine Food

Citrus Food Citrus Food (12-8-4) - A fertilizer for all varieties of citrus and avocado trees. Formulated for sturdy growth and an abundance of fruit. This product also contains sulfur and calcium to aid in improving alkaline soils and water penetration and iron to aid in the prevention of chlorosis. Recommended to be used at least once in Spring, once in early Summer, and once in early Fall. Also contains 6% Calcium, 8% Sulfur, 0.10% Manganese, 0.10% Zinc, 1.25% Iron.
Available in 5lb., 10lb, and 20lb. bags.

Master Bloom (0-10-10) - Formulated without nitrogen to aid in the development of flower and fruit buds. Also helps plants resist diseases and cold weather damage. Although it may be used on all plants throughout the year, we recommend using it during the winter months for fruit trees to improve flowering and fruiting. Also it is great to use on Azaleas, Camellias and Rhododendrons when flower buds begin to form in late Summer, Fall and Winter. Also contains 13% Calcium and 3% Sulfur.
Available in 5lb., 10lb., and 20lb. bags.
Master Bloom Fertilizer

Multi-Purpose Fertilizer Multi-Purpose Fertilizer (16-16-16) - A granular plant food for general garden use especially if you want to promote growth. Can be used on shrubs, flowers, trees, and vegetables. Quick-acting fertilizers with 4.9% Nitrate Nitrogen which works even in cool weather. Contains 2% Calcium.
Available in 10lb and 20lb. bags.

Liquid Gold Fertilizer (15-6-3) - An all purpose fish based liquid fertilizer for lawns, groundcovers, flowers, vegetables, shrubs and roses. Contains iron, zinc, manganese and soil penetrant. Can be used monthly through Spring, Summer, and Fall.
Available in quart and gallon size containers.
Liquid Gold Fertilizer

Fish Emulsion Fish Emulsion (4-1-1) - Organic plant food with Kelp helps plants grow, flower, fruit and stay deep green. Contains ocean going fish, nitrogen for green color and top gowth, phosphate for root growth, fruit and flower production and potash for plant hardiness and disease resistance. Can be used monthly during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months.
Available in quart and gallon sizes.

Bud & Bloom Water Soluble Fertilizer (10-52-8) - This is a great fertilizer that encourages plants to flower. It can be used every 2 to 4 weeks throughout the spring, summer, and early fall. Great for roses, annuals and anything you want to bloom. Can be used for houseplants as well.
Available in 1.5lb. and 3lb. containers.
Master Nursery Bud and Bloom Fertilizer

Master Green Lawn Food Master Green Lawn Food (25-6-4) - A granular, high nitrogen fertilizer for turf lawns. It will keep your lawn beautifully green all spring and summer. It is recommended to be used every 6 to 8 weeks during the spring and summer months. Available in a 20 lb. bag that covers approximately 5,000 sq. ft. It contains 9% Ammoniacal Nitrogen, 16% Urea Nitrogen, 10% Sulfur, 1% Iron.

Easy Livin' Fall & Winter Feed (20-6-7)- This great lawn food is formulated to produce a rich green lawn, encourage root growth and improve the turf's resistance to diseases. Works great in cool weather. It is recommended to be used every 6 to 8 weeks during the fall and winter months. Contains ammoniacal and nitrate nitrogen, 17% sulfur, 1.50% iron, 0.10% manganese and 0.10% zinc. Available in a 20lb. bag and feeds 4,000 sq. ft. Fall and Winter Feed

Weed and Feed Lawn Food Master Green Weed & Feed Lawn Food (25-3-8) - An easy-to-apply granular fertilizer containing Ammonic and Urea Nitrogen. Contains Trimec™ a post-emergent herbicide which controls over 35 broadleaf weeds. Controls dandelion, chickweed, knotweed, plantains, henbit, spurge and many others commonly found in grass lawns. For grass lawns only. Available in a 16 lb. bag and treats 4,000 sq. ft. Contains 10% Sulfur, 1% Iron.

Ammonium Sulfate Ammonium Sulfate (21-0-0) - Supplies ammonic nitrogen and sulfur. If you want quick results, rapid growth and deep greening then use ammonium sulfate. It is important to water thoroughly after applying to prevent burning. Available in 20lb. bags. It also contains 24% Sulfur.