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Fertilizers & Soils

Having the right nutrients and ammendments for your plants is essential for optimal growth and health. That's why we make it a point to carry the top of the line fertilizers and soils. Our goal is to help you have success in your garden and to help your plants thrive. Whether you are planting a vegetable garden, trees, shrubs, flowers, or succulents, we have the right soil and fertilizer for you.

When selecting the right fertilizer for your plants, it is important to understand the numbers and the different types of nutrients listed on the labels. Most fertilizers have what is known as an N-P-K ratio. For example, you may see a fertilizer that has the following numbers 5-20-10. The first number always represents the percentage of nitrogen, the second number represents the percentage of phosphorus, and the last number represents the percentage of potassium that the fertilizer contains. Nitrogen promotes leaf and stem growth. Phosphorus promotes flowering and also root growth. And potassium primarily promotes root growth and strength.

In addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, many plants need other nutrients as well. Minerals like iron, sulfur, maganese, and zinc as well as other trace minerals are important in promoting the overall health of your plants. They can also improve fruit quality and improve the appearance of your plants.
Below are links to some of the products that we carry. For more specific information on when to use a specific fertilizer, please visit our Garden Guides Section.

EB Stone Organics

EB Stone Organic Fertilizers

The EB Stone Organics fertilizers are the top of the line organic fertilizers. They are blended with natural and organic nutrients to bring you high quality fertilizers. Whether you are wanting to fertilize your fruit trees, roses, shrubs, or flowers, the EB Stone Organics has a product that will fit your needs. To see specific products click on the picture to the right or click on the link above.

Master Nursery Fertilizers

Master Nursery Fertilizers

Master Nursery Garden Centers is a national organization that includes over 700 independent nurseries nationwide. It began in 1954 in the San Francisco Bay Area with just a few local nurseries. As Master Nursery Garden Centers has grown over the past 60 years, it has maintained and created the best quality fertilizers and soils on the market today. To see some of the Master Nursery Fertilizers that we stock year round, simply click on the picture to the left or the link above.

Specialty Fertilizers

Specialty Fertilizers

This category includes the fertilizers and nutrients that are not listed in the above categories. Some of these items include the HydraBlue (aluminum sulfate) that helps turn your hydrangeas blue, Soil sulfur that helps lower your soils pH for your blueberries, and Gypsum that provides a good source of calcium for your tomatoes and other vegetables. To see more items, simply click on the picture to the right or the link above.

Soils & Ammendments

Soils & Amendments

We carry a wide range of top quality soils and soil ammendments to help your plants thrive. Whether you need soil to help ammend your vegetable beds or are planting flowers and shrubs in your yard, we have the right soil for you. The majority of our soils are of the Master Nursery brand or the EB Stone brand. To see many of the soils and ammendments that we stock all year round, simply click on the picture to the left or click on the link above.