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Pest and Weed Control

No matter what you are dealing with in the garden, we are here to help. We carry a wide range of products that will help your plants thrive. At times insects or other pests may attack your plants. We have safe and effective solutions for these problems. In addition, we carry products to deal with fungus control and also help keep weeds from taking over your yard. Below are just some of the products that we carry to help keep your yard and garden healthy and protected.

Lady Bugs Beneficial  Insects

Beneficial Insects

One way to keep unwanted pests at bay is by placing beneficial insects in your garden. We carry ladybugs and praying mantids each Spring from about early March until early June. The ladybugs come in a cup and are ready to begin eating once they are released into your yard. The best time to place them out in the garden is in the evening around sunset, and you should place them at the base of the plants that have signs of insects. Ladybugs are great for controling aphids, mealybugs, and thrips. Praying mantids come in their egg casings. Usually there are two egg casings per container. You can place the egg casing some place safe in your garden, and usually they will emerge from the egg casings about 6 weeks after placement. They are great for getting insects that usually cause problems in the summer months.

Organic and Natural Insect Controls

Organic and Natural Insect Controls

While it would be nice if beneficial insects could control all insect issues, the reality is that they can't and don't. However, there are many safe, organic, and natural alternatives to keep your vegetables, flowers, and shrubs safe while also keeping you and your family safe as well. We carry products like Diatomaceous Earth that can be safely used around your vegetable garden as well as in your home for control of any crawling insects. Does a good job at killing fleas inside and outside of your home. We also have organic bacterias like Bonide's Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew and Monterey's B.T. Captain Jack's is great for moths, beetles, cateperpillars, spider mites, thrips, and more. Monterey B.t. is perfect for any type of leaf eating caterpillar, looper, or budworm. Follow this link to see how to keep worms from getting into your apples and pears. Besides these alternatives, we also carry the Bonide Tomato & Vegetable Spray and Monterey's Take Down Garden Spray that can both be used up to the day before harvest. For more information on how to use these products and learn more about other organic and natural alternatives, please come in and see us.

Alternative Control

Other Alternative Insect Controls

When the organic and natural options aren't working, we have other options like Bonide's Eight which contains Permethrin, a synthetic form of Pyrethrin. Eight is a great insecticide that will get most unwanted insects. It can be safely used on fruits, vegetables, roses, flowers, shrubs, and trees. In addition, for insects hiding or residing in the soil, Sevin is a good way to keep them under control. It also has a wide range of applications. And of course, if you are having Termite issues, the Bonide Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer spray will do the job.


Fungus Control

Controlling and identifying diseases caused by different varieties of fungi can at times be difficult. That's why we are here to help. Whether you are struggling with rust, powdery mildew, or black spot on your roses, fire blight on your pear trees, peach leaf curl on your peaches or nectarines, or some other disease issues on your plants, we most likely can help you figure out what the problem is and help you resolve the issue so that your plants can remain healthy and strong.

Weed Control

Weed Prevention and Weed Control

Weeds can and usually are an ongoing problem in the yard. Whether you are trying to control weeds found in your lawn or around your existing plants or in the crevices of your walkways and patios or if you are fighting a bush, vine, or tree that just won't go away, we can direct you to the right product. There are things that can be done proactively, like laying down weed block in new planting areas or spreading out pre-emergents around certain areas that have regular weed issues. Also, there are products that can selectively kill certain types of weeds without hurting your lawn, and there are other products that are non-selective that can take care of some of the most stubborn weeds.

Critter Control

Critters in the Garden

Besides insects that can do damage to your plants, sometimes other critters like deer, gophers, moles, mice, birds, raccoons, and other unwanted rodents or animals can do significant damage. Also, at times, dogs and cats can also cause problems in your garden. We carry a range of products that can help deter these animals and critters from gettting to your plants and also some products that can actually eliminate rodents like mice, rats, gophers, and moles. If you suspect you are having problems with wildlife and aren't sure what to do, please feel free to visit us so that we can help you protect your plants from harm.