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Drift Roses

Drift Popcorn Rose

Drift® Roses are relatively new in the market and are becoming quite popular because of their compact growth habit and general hardiness. They come in a variety of colors: Red, Pink, Coral, Peach, and White (as pictured). Drift® roses are the result of a cross between groundcover roses and miniature roses, and the result is a compact rose that's perfect for growing in containers, at the front of landscape beds, or as a groundcover. Individual plants will grow two to three feet wide and just one and a half feet tall. Drift® roses generally have good disease resistance and require less spraying than hybrid tea roses.

Drift® Roses generally like to have full sun to at least the afternoon sun in order to bloom well. For best performance, it is recommend that they are fertilized every 6 to 8 weeks with either Master Start or EB Stone Organic Rose & Flower Food. Light pruning for shaping purposes can be done at any time, and it is recommended to do a heavier pruning in late winter as Spring emerges.

Drift® Roses are available most of the year in either 2gal. or 1gal. containers.