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Flower Carpet Roses

Flower Carpet Amber Rose

Flower Carpet® Roses have been around for a while now and have proven to be quite disease resistant and easy to maintain. Pink and White Carpet Roses were the first to arrive in the market, followed by red, coral, apple blossom, and yellow. They generally will grow to about 3 feet high and spread about 4 feet. With regular pruning, they can be kept somewhat smaller. These roses were developed out of a 25 year breeding program by Dr. Werner Noack of Noack Rosen, a German rose breeder famous for his commitment to disease- resistant hybrids. They are practically maintenance-free yet extremely floriferous and vigorous plants that can produce as many as 2000 flowers per year!

As the Flower Carpet® Roses have evolved, the next generation of Flower Carpet® Roses have been introduced with the following colors: Amber (pictured), Pink Supreme, and Scarlet. These have all the characteristics of the first generation of carpet roses but also have improved heat & humidity tolerance.

Flower Carpet® Roses like to grow in the full sun or at least be in the afternoon sun in order to bloom well. For the most flowers, it is recommend that they are fertilized every 6 to 8 weeks with either Master Start or EB Stone Organic Rose & Flower Food. Light pruning for shaping purposes can be done at any time, and it is recommended to do a heavier pruning in late winter as Spring emerges.

Flower Carpet® Roses are available year round in 2gal(#2 can) containers and are sometimes available as Rose Trees. They are grown by Monrovia Growers.