Mid City Nursery

Temporary Adjustments

 We know how important your gardens are to you not only for food production but for your sanity as well. We are committed in helping you with your gardening needs during this difficult time.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and in order to help keep everyone safe, we are implementing the following guidelines until business can get back to normal.

1. We will be working reduced hours until we can get through the pandemic. Our new adjusted hours are as follows:

OPEN: 9 AM to 4 PM - Tuesday through Saturday

2. We are asking all of our customers to follow the CDC guidelines and maintain social distancing and wear a face covering when entering the nursery. Our nursery is very open and should easily allow for you to maintain space between customers. We will be limiting the number of people allowed in the salesroom at any given time and ask that you pay with a credit/debit card when possible.

3. While we love to help you with all of your gardening needs, we cannot help you as much as we have in the past due to social distancing guidelines.  We will help you as much as we can. We appreciate your patience.

4. If you do not want to come into the nursery, you can order your plants/products over the phone by calling us at 707-642-4167 or 707-642-1347. Please be patient with us as we may be working with limited staff and not able to get every phone call.  You can also email us at the email address listed in number 5.

5. If you have gardening questions, we ask that you email us your questions at support@midcitynursery.com. We will answer them as quickly as we can. Please include pictures of the plants that you have questions about.

6. If you are doing a landscape job or planting shrubs in your yard, please email us your plant list and contact info to midcity@midcitynursery.com or drop off your list at the nursery. We cannot spend a lot of time in person helping you at this point, but can help you via email or by phone. We will assemble your order and will let you know when it is available for pickup or delivery.

7. To help keep you safe, we will continue to frequently wipe down carts and high-contact surfaces and following the CDC guidelines of washing hands frequently and avoiding contact with you as much as possible. We will still load your heavy items and soils unless you do not want us to do so.

8. Our restroom will be closed to the public and will only be available for our staff.

9. If you are sick or don’t feel well, please stay at home and wait until you are better to come visit us or have us deliver your items to you. There will be plenty of time to plant your vegetables.

We appreciate your patience through this difficult time, and we hope we can bring a little joy to you as you work in your garden. Stay safe!!