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Plants That Attract Butterflies

Listed below are some of the plants butterflies are known to visit. When planning a butterfly garden remember that the larvae need to eat too. Plants with (A) are for adults. Plants with (L) are for Larvae. Some are for both!


Acer Maple (A)
Aesculus Horsechestnut (L,A)
Apple (A)
Betula Birch (L)
Citrus (L,A)
Cornus Dogwood (L)
Crataegus Hawthorn (L)
Malus Crabapple (L)
Pinus Pine (L)
Platanus Sycamore (L)
Populus Poplar (L)
Quercus Oak (L)
Salix Willow (L,A)
Vitex Chaste Tree (A)
picture of butterfly


Clematis paniculata (A) Passiflora Passion Vine (L) Wisteria (L)
Lonicera honeysuckle (A) Sweet Pea (A)  


Abelia (A)
Abutilon Flowering Maple (A)
Buddleja Butterfly Bush (A)
Calluna Scotch Heather (A)
Ceanothus Wild Lilac (L,A)
Choisya Mexican Orange (A)
Escallonia (A)
Hebe (A)
Heteromeles Toyon (A)
Hibiscus (L)
Lantana (A)
Lavatera Tree Mallow (L)
Manzanita (A)
Mahonia Oregon Grape (A)
Plumbago (L)
Philadelphus (A)
Potentilla (A)
Rhamnus Buckthorn (L)
Rhus Sumac (A)
Rhododendron (A)
Rosemary (A)
Ribes Currant,Gooseberry (L,A)
Sambucus Elderberry (A)
Spiraea (L,A)
Syringa Lilac (A)
Viburnum (L)


Achillea Yarrow (L,A)
Alcea Hollyhock (L)
Agapanthus Lily of the Nile (A)
Aquilegia Columbine (A)
Armeria Sea Pink (A)
Asclepias Butterfly Weed (L,A)
Aster (L,A)
Astilbe (A)
Borage (A)
Caryopteris Bluebeard (A)
Centranthus Jupiters Beard (A)
Chrysanthemum Shasta Daisy (A)
Coreopsis (A)
Delphinium (A)
Dianthus Pinks (A)
Dicentra Bleeding Heart (L)
Digitalis Foxglove (L)
Echinacea Coneflower (A)
Echinops Globe Thistle (A)
Erigeron Fleabane (A)
Eryngium Sea Holly (A)
Erysimum Wallflower (A)
Fennel (L)
Fragaria Ornamental Strawberry (L)
Gaillardia (A)
Heliotrope (A)
Iberis Candytuft (A)
Lavender (A)
Liatris spicata Gayfeather (A)
Lupine (L)
Malva Mallow (L)
Mimulus aurantiaca Sticky Monkey Flower (L)
Monarda Bee Balm (A)
Oregano (A)
Penstemon (L,A)
Phlox (A)
Ranunclus (A)
Rudbeckia (A)
Rue (L)
Salvia (A)
Scabiosa Pincushion (A)
Sedum (A)
Sidalcea Checkerbloom (L)
Solidago Goldenrod (A)
Tagetes Mex. Marigold (A)
Verbena (A)
Veronica Speedwell (L)
Zauschneria Calif. Fuchsia (A)


Alyssum (A)
Aster (L)
Cosmos (A)
Lobelia (A)
Nasturtium (L)
Marigold (A)
Salvia (A)
Snapdragon (L,A)
Sunflower (L)
picture of butterfly

Note: This list is intended to help you get started attracting butterflies, the more diversity of plants and flowers you have in your garden, the more butterflies and other beneficial insects you will see! HAVE FUN!