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Fogg-it Nozzles - Fogg-it heavy duty, "Waterfog" nozzles are precision made with solid brass jets. They're designed to last for years. Made in USA. Limited quantities available.
They are available in the following sizes:
Fine Size - 1 Gallon per minute - perfect for delicate flowers, adult orchids, greenhouse use, newly planted lawns and new seed beds.
Low Volume Size - 2 Gallons per minute - It's perfect for spraying foliage, mature plants, ferns, vegetables, tropical plants, and general garden use.
Heavy Volume Size - 4 Gallons per minute - Pefect for large plants, where extra-heavy volume or considerable directional effect is desired.
Price: $7.99 each
Select the desired quantity and fogg-it style from the list below and then click the Add to Cart button.
Fogg-it Nozzle
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WaterWand Soft Rain Aluminum Nozzle - This sturdy water nozzle provides a gentle spray for all your watering needs. Made of aluminum and will last for years. Fits a standard hose. Ships uncarded.

Price: $4.99 each

Waterwand Nozzle

Gilmour Metal Water Bubbler - This metal water bubbler provides gentle, deep water penetration with no washing or eroding of soil. Ideal for delicate plants and new beds. Made of aluminum.

Price: $7.99 each
Sherman Thompson Bubbler
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