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About the Mid City Nursery Online Store

Mid City Nursery, Inc. was founded in 1954 by John J. and Wilma Mikolajcik. At Mid City Nursery, service and plant quality has always been the main focus as well as maintaining a wide variety of plant material.

In 1997 we began the Mid City Nursery Online Store. We try to offer many of the great products that we sell in our retail store to those consumers that enjoy quality garden products. Our commitment is to provide high quality products at reasonable prices and provide the same type of service you would expect if you were physically in our store.

Mid City Nursery is located in the city of American Canyon, which borders the southern boundaries of Napa County. It is located just 1/2 mile north of American Canyon Road on Highway 29 (the Napa-Vallejo Highway), and the business is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To contact us, you can send us an e-mail (checked daily through the week days), phone us at 707-642-4167, fax us at 707-642-4168, or write to us at: Mid City Nursery, 3635 Broadway, Napa-Vallejo Highway, American Canyon, CA 94503. If you e-mail, fax, or write to us, please provide us with the necessary information needed to contact you.

We Currently only Ship to the United States.

Mid City Nursery, Inc
3635 Broadway
Napa-Vallejo Highway
American Canyon, CA 94503
(707) 642-4167