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Flower Planting Guide
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Vegetable Planting Guide
List of Vegetable Seeds
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This page lists the seasons when certain vegetables should be planted. This is not an all inclusive list. The recommendations are based on the climate and seasons of Northern California. Those who do not live in our area, may need to make modifications on when to plant. Since the weather can vary from year to year, some of the vegetables listed may need to be planted a little later or may be able to be planted a little earlier. Any Comments or Questions are welcome.

SPRING -- March - April - May
Beans Beets Cantaloupe Carrots Collards
Cucumber Eggplant Herbs Kale Kohlrabi
Leek Sweet Corn Lettuce(Leaf) Mustard Greens Okra
Onions Parsley Parsnips Pumpkins(Apr - May) Rutabaga
Spinach Swiss Chard Peppers Radish Turnip
Squash(Summer) Squash(Winter) Tomatoes Watermelon  

SUMMER -- June - July - August
Beans Black-eyed Peas Swiss Chard Herbs Sweet Corn
Mustard Greens Onions Okra Spinach Radish

AUTUMN -- September - October - November
Beets Broccoli Cabbage Carrots Collards
Cauliflower Celery Endive Kale Kohlrabi
Lettuce Mustard Greens Onions Pak Choy Parsley
Peas Radishes Rutabaga Spinach Sugar Peas
Swiss Chard Turnips

WINTER -- December - January - February
Beets Broccoli Cabbage Carrots Celery
Endive Kale Kohlrabi Lettuce Onions
Parsley Parsnips Peas Radishes Spinach
Swiss Chard Turnips

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