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Below are descriptions of many of the roses we currently have or have had in the past. Not all of these varieties are available all year round. Availability of these roses fluctuates year to year. This list will increase over time and more pictures will be added as we expand the list. If you have any Questions or Comments, please feel free to contact us through our Comments Page, e-mail, or on the phone.

Abraham Darby - English Rose - View Picture
Very large deeply cupped blooms in soft peachy-pink with a pale yellow reverse. Medium tall height. Strong fruity fragrance. Introduced 1985.

All Ablaze - Climber
Showy clusters of big cherry red ruffled flowers. Hardy, vigorous and clean. Repeat bloomer. Slight spice fragrance. Consistent performer in all but tropical climates. Introduced 2000.

Altissimo - Climber - View Picture
Very long-lasting large single petaled flowers of velvety red. Blooms on new and old wood. Height to 8 - 10 feet. Consistent bloomer in most climates. Introduced 1966.

Angel Face - Floribunda - View Picture
Loads of ruffled lavender blossoms permeate the air with the strong perfume of sweet citrus flowers. A perennial favorite because of low bushy habit, the nearly continual production of blooms, the unusual color, and the sweet fragrance. Introduced 1988.

Aperitif - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Elegant and very easy to grow. This refined beauty from New Zealand sets lots of long-lasting, sunny yellow blossoms on long stems. Introduced 2001.

April in Paris - Floribunda - View Picture
Classic seashell buds slowly spiral open into blooms of the palest dawn pink edged in a soft pink. Intense tea rose scent, to be savored in bouquets and in the garden. Introduced 2008.

Arizona - Grandiflora - View Picture
Sunset blend of bronzy orange and golden yellows. The rich warm colors of the bloom contrast beautifully with the glossy green leaves. A tough and sturdy plant that bears long stems carrying elegant urn-shaped buds full of sweet perfume. Best color in cool climates. Introduced 1975.

Artistry - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Full large flowers of soft coral with just a brushstroke of cream on reverse. Well behaved, vigorous bushy plant. Best flower form and color with a little heat. Slight fragrance. Introduced 1997.

Autumn Sunset - Shrub/Climber - View Picture
Large, warm apricot gold flowers borne in clusters. Strong, vigorous climber with rich fruity fragrance and a free-flowering fragrance habit that starts from the very first year. Blooms on new and old wood. Great performer in most climates. Best flower color in cooler weather. Introduced 1988.

Baby Grand - Miniature - View Picture
Perfect pure clear pink blooms on a compact, rounded bushy plant. A real rhapsody for the landscape. Great in mass. Good in all climates. Introduced 1995.

Baby Love - Shrublet - View Picture
Nearly all season long, sunny single yellow flowers pop up all over the upright bushy plant. Consistently full, bushy and flowerful in all climates. Black-spot resistant. Mild licorice fragrance. Introduced 1997.

Barbara Bush - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Coral pink and ivory blooms on a stately plant. Very vigorous and free-blooming. Has a light damask fragrance. Introduced 1991.

Barbra Streisand - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
An avid rose lover, Barbra was very choosy when it came to picking a rose that would bear her name. It had to have large flowers with an attractive color. But most of all, it must be fragrant! The Barbra Streisand rose certainly fulfills those desires. Introduced 2001.

Bella 'roma - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
This rose flowers abundantly all season, producing plenty of blossoms for both enjoyment in the garden and for cutting to display in the vase. Bright yellow buds slowly spiral open, revealing gorgeous, warm yellow petals blushed rich pink at their edges, and set off by glossy, dark green foliage. The classic, high-centered blooms hold their rich color and are presented on a medium bush with an upright, well-branched habit and good disease resistance. Introduced 2003.

Benjamin Britton- English
More brilliant in color than many of the Austins, this bright cerise-red blend has quickly gained a notable place amongst English rose lovers. Very vigorous. Named to honor the famous English composer. Strong fruity fragrance. Introduced 2001.

Berries 'n' Cream - Climber - View Picture
Boquet-like clusters of old rose pink & creamy white flowers come on strong stems, fashioning a very flowerful show. Low-thorned branches makes training a more user-friendly chore. Blooms on new and old wood. More 'cream' shows up in cool temperatures. Larger habit in mild climates. Moderate, fresh-cut apple fragrance. Introduced 1998.

Betty Boop - Floribunda - View Picture
The beloved American animated character has been honored with a rose that matches her for spunk, sparkle, style and stamina. The naturally rounded plant carries all its long-lived flowers atop clean glossy green leaves and dark red new foliage. Destined to capture your heart. Color: Yellow ivory edged red. Introduced 1999.

Bewitched - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Large cotton candy pink blooms are carried on long stems and have a rich rose perfume. The vigorous bush is attractively clothed with large apple-green foliage. Established plants give the most bloom. Best color and size when cool. Introduced 1967.

Bill Warriner - Floribunda - View Picture
A fabulous compact floribunda, always covered with lovely salmon-coral flowers of perfect hybrid tea form. Light sweet fragrance. Introduced 1996.

Bing Crosby - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
A vigorous stout-growing-rose whose glossy dark green leaves and long-lasting brilliantly-tinted blooms croon a sweet tune in the garden. Long cutting stems make Bing a 'star' in any bouquet. Introduced 1981.

Black Baccara - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The world renowned House of Meilland bred this one of a kind Hybrid Tea. The velvety textrue of the petals and unique color will be an instant success in your garden. A wonderful addition to any cutting garden, this rose is sure to stnad out. Dark Velvety red. Introduced 2001.

Black Cherry - Floribunda - View Picture
Dark crimson buds with black tips swirl open to a sumptuous, cherry-red. At first, the petals are edged ever so slightly in a rich, velvety black, then open fully to high-centered, dusky red, damask-scented blooms. Introduced 2006.

Black Garnet - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
So very dark and so very tough, this rose can withstand the hottest of climates and still come out shining like a jewel. It bears long-lasting, fully double flowers on a vigorous bush with grey-green foliage. Introduced 1981.

Black Magic - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
It's a perfect cutting rose, with long stems, gorgeous buds, elegant flower form, thick petal substance, and deep, vivid color. It is equally stunning in the garden: very upright, with handsome glossy, dark green foliage. Color: Dark, bright red. Introduced 2001.

Blaze - Climber- View Picture
A popular climbing rose. Produces abundant clusters of pure red flowers. Blooms on new and old wood. Proven consistent performer. Introduced 1932.

Blue Girl - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Althought disguised under the guise of 'blue', the clear clean lavender tones and large blooms produced by this vigorous plant makes her a breakthrough in the older lavender roses. Introduced 1964.

Blue Nile - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Large heavily-fragrant well-formed flowers are carried on this super-vigorous bush. The unusual color lasts throughout the life of the blossom, complimenting the oversized dark green leaves and long stems. Introduced 1981.

Blue Ribbon - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Lilac to laveder-blue blooms are borne on an upright, bushy plant. Strong stems and intense, sweet fruity fragrance. Introduced 1984.

Bob Hope - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The cheerful bright color and sweet rose fragrance are a fitting tribute to the man who has brought a smile to so many of us. The large formal blooms contrast nicely against the dark green glossy foliage. Best color and size in the spring and fall. Rich rose fragrance. Introduced in 1966.

Brandy - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Deep golden bronze buds gracefully unfold to golden apricot, with a pleasing tea-rose scent. Bushy plant. Introduced 1982.

Brass Band - Floribunda - View Picture
The well-formed flowers are a blend of melon, peach, papaya and apricot with a lemony reverse. Cool weather brings the best size and more intense color. Moderately spicy fragrance. Introduced 1967.

Brilliant Pink Iceberg - Floribunda - View Picture
After all these many years of worldwide propagation, a color mutation of the renowned Iceberg has finally occurred from the far reaches of Tasmania. The plant is exactly like its parent in every way but color - same great landscape value, same free flowering habit, same foliage, same flower form & showy clusters. Introduced 2001.

Burning Desire - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Combine two of the most highly rated red roses of all time and here's what you get. This beautiful offspring of Olympiad and Ingrid Bergman features long, elegant buds that spiral open gracefully into bright red blossoms with thick substance and exhibition form. Perfect for cutting. Introduced 2001.

Buttercream - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Large, magnificently petaled soft yellow blooms tease the nose with a scent of anise, and finish nearly white. Introduced 2003.

Candelabra - Grandiflora - View Picture
A proven performer in AARS test gardens in all regions of the country, this well-branched, upright growing plant lights up the garden with glowing orange blossoms. Very healthy, free blooming. Introduced 1999.

Cesar E. Chavez - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Buds spiral open slowly to high-centered blooms of bright red with thick petal substance. Introduced 2002.

Cecile Brunner Bush- Polyantha - View Picture
An old-fashioned favorite - you can probably remember the airy clusters filled with tiny perfectly-formed buds of pastel pink growing in Grandmother's yard. The smooth low-thorned stems, sweet tea fragrance, pretty bud shape and dark green leaves make it a natural for boutonnieres. Introduced 1881.

Cecile Brunner - Climber
Beloved old-timer. Large airy clusters of small pointed pastel buds and creamy pink blooms. Mostly a spring bloomer on old wood. Established plants give more rebloom. Introduced 1894.

Celebrity - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
A very large and lustrous lasting yellow rose. The big pointed buds, the giant shapely blooms and the deep clear color hold well in all climates. The plant is vigorous and strong and large dark green leaves. Introduced 1989.

Charlotte Armstrong - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
This long-time favorite still performs like a champ in the garden, knocking out loads of bright light red buds and big sweetly-scented pink blooms. Moderate rose fragrance. Introduced 1941.

Cherry Parfait - Grandiflora - View Picture
Swirls of white petals with a broad red edge are a sweet treat for the eyes. Its bountiful blossoms are the perfect topping to a very rounded medium-height bushy plant with deep green clean leaves. Introduced 2003.

Chicago Peace - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
This brighter and deeper-toned mutation of the famous Peace rose has a fine reputation that follows in the footsteps of its parent. It possesses the same large opulent flowers, the same big quilted glossy apple-green leaves, and the same handsome bushy plant. A gaudy blend of phlox pink and canary yellow. Best color east of the Rockies. Slight fruity fragrance. Introduced 1962.

China Doll - Polyantha - View Picture
The large clusters of small fluffy pure-pink blooms can leterally cover the low mounded plant bright green foliage. With its dwarf bushy compact habit and overly abundant bloom, China Doll is a favorite for growing in containers or bordering along flower beds. Introduced 1946.

Chris Evert - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
A well-behaved clean plant with melon orange blushing red well-formed blooms. Moderate fruity fragrance. Better size in cool weather. Consistent color. Introduced 1997.

Christian Dior - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
One of the early efforts to achieve true red coloration in the modern roses, Christian Dior is loved most because of its high-centered flowers, stable medium red color, long cutting stems and glossy leathery foliage. Introduced 1962.

Chrysler Imperial - Hyrbrid Tea - View Picture
A landmark rose that still hypnotizes people with a powerful rich rose fragrance and velvety red petals. The large full shapely flowers are proudly held atop straight stems clothed with dark matte-green leaves. Vigorous and at its happiest in hot temperatures. Strong damask rose fragrance. Introduced 1953.

Citrus Tease - Floribunda - View Picture
A great new rose to recommend for season-long landscape color. Citrus Tease blooms in generous clusters - a lively coral pink shade that commands attention in the garden. The blooms have a pretty, high-centered form and a light, pleasing damask scent. Introduced 2001.

Crimson Bouquet - Grandiflora - View Picture
Rounded handsome plant does bear the typical bright velvet red clusters of its class. Better flower size and petalage in cool conditions. Introduced 2000.

Crimson Glory - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
This famous parent rose can still hold its own amongst red roses. Another heat lover, Crimson Glory seems to yield even more pointed black-red buds and large blooms when the sun shines down on her leathery dark green foliage. Strong damask rose fragrance. Introduced 1935.

Crowd Pleaser - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The sassy cerise 'sister' of Lynn Anderson could be nothing more than a Crowd Pleaser in every way. Since she's a color 'sport' of Ms. Anderson, that means she's just like her in every way except for the deep lustrous pink flower color reversed with just a touch of creamy white. Best size and form when the weather cools down some. Introduced 2002.

Day Breaker- Floribunda -
This bushy, flowerful, shrubby and showy floribunda produces an abundant blooms of pastel peach and yellow. Medium-tall bushy growth habit. Mild fruity frangrance. Introduced 2004.

Diana, Princess of Wales - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
A classic hybrid tea of outstanding character and flower form, and the most sought-after rose on the market today. Ivory petals overlaid with a clear pink blush reflecting the Princess's warmth and radiance. The large, elegantly shaped buds open into graceful, full flowers with impeccable, hight-centered form. Introduced 2000.

Distant Drums - Shrub - View Picture
It grows much like a Floribunda in habit, drumming out clusters of pointed brunette buds that swirl open to reveal ruffles washed with orchid pink. All this set to music against dark green foliage makes for a toe-tapping commotion in the landscape. Introduced 1985.

Don Juan - Climber - View Picture
Best of the fragrant dark red climbing roses. Large buds and shapely blossoms. Glossy dark green leaves. Blooms on new and old wood. Warm night temperatures give the best color. Proven performer. Introduced 1958.

Dortmund - Climber - View Picture
Shiny bright single red flowers are set against polished dep green leaves. Highly disease resistant and hardy, too. Attractive red hips in the fall. Blooms on new and old wood. Larger size in cool conditions. Moderate apple fragrance. Introduced 1955.

Double Delight - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The most popular new variety of the last 25 years. Double Delight fulfills the two highest demands of a rose - an eye-catching color combo and fantastic nose-pleasing fragrance. The prolific bush provides lots of creamy pointed buds that blush red with the rays of the sun. Deep green leaves. Introduced 1977.

Dream Weaver - Climber - View Picture
Bright coral-pink flowers set in dense, floribunda-like clusters all summer long. Graceful arching canes are easy to train laterally. Dark glossy foliage. Light old-rose fragrance. Introduced 1996.

Dublin - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The slow opening smoky red flowers are carried atop straight stems that are certain to please those who grow their own long-stemmed beauties. Best color and form with warm nights. Moderate raspberry fragrance. Introduced 1982.

Dublin Bay - Climber - View Picture
Large, fully-double clear true red flowers will open in cool weather or take the heat. Lots of deep green leaves. Can also be trained as a pillar. Blooms on new and old wood. Somewhat slow to climb. Opens even when cold. Moderate fruity fragrance. Introduced 1975.

Easy Going - Floribunda - View Picture
Just like 'Mom'(Livin Easy) in every way except color...same glossy foliage, same great flower power, same bushy habit, same great disease resistance. A delectable peachy golden yellow color that holds to the very end. Consistent in every climate. Great in mass plantings. Introduced 1996.

Ebb Tide - Floribunda - View Picture
Dusky deep purple buds swirl open to very double old-fashioned flowrs of velvet plum washed with a haze of sultry smoke. Strong spicy clove fragrance. Introduced in 2006.

Elizabeth Taylor - Hybrid Tea
Flashy hot pink colors, shapely buds and prolific production of long-stemmed beauties. Prefers warm climate. Best size in moderate temperatures. Introduced 1986.

Eureka - Floribunda
Here's a wannabe golden oldie with old-fashioned flower form, big colorful clusters and spilling habit. Bit it's a'newbie' plant with glossy green leaves, easy-to-grow vigor and a great abundance of bloom. Wonderful in the landscape...whther in mass or planted alone. Introduced 2003.

Europeana - Floribunda
This superb rose has established the high benchmarks that no other red Floribunda has approached. It bears extraordinary clusters of dark red double blossoms. Proven performer, does best in heat. Introduced 1968.

Fabulous!- Floribunda - View Picture
This exceptional rose earned a Gold Medal at Lyon, and the distinction of being the Jackson and Perkins 2001 Floribunda of the Year. Its sparkling white blossoms complement any house or garden color scheme, and superior disease resistance makes it carefree to grow.

Fame! - Grandiflora - View Picture
This vigorous plant gives loads of large buds and deep pure pink blossoms with very little care. Clean dark green leaves provide the perfect foil for the flashy flowers. A workhorse for every garden. Best form and size in milder temperatures. Introduced 1998.

Flirtatious - Floribunda - View Picture
Buds start creamy, opening to high-centered to flat blooms faintly striped light pink-yellow at petal base and fading to near white in maturity. Provides plentiful one-snip bouquets and the carefree performance that makes floribundas easy for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Excellent disease resistance. Introduced 2003.

Flutterbye - Shrub/Climber - View Picture
The large clusters of single blossoms carry all different colors at the same time. Highly resistant foliage is so shiny glossy green that it seems to mirror the flower colors. In mild climates, the plant can grow large enought to be used as a Pillar/Climber. Yet, it's a nice rounded Shrub in harsher regions. Introduced 1996.

Fourth of July - Climber - View Picture
You'll get a bang out of the big sprays of large long-lasting blossoms. And the fireworks just seem to keep coming becasue it blooms and reblooms readily in the very first season. AARS award winner. Consistent color and vigor in most climates. Free flowering. Introduced 1999.

French Lace- Floribunda - View Picture
An early prototype for the current rage in pastel roses, this creamy colored flower is still surprisingly seductive. The large well-formed blooms are reminiscent of antique lace but have the stamina of sturdy denim. Vigorous and bushy - the productive plant is clothed with dark glossy leaves. Introduced 1982.

French Perfume - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
A heady scent and a dazzling color display - light, bright yellow with a striking rose pink picotee. A tantalizing, fruity aroma. Introduced 1994.

Full Sail - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Seems that fragrance in white roses has somehow been an elusive combination. So when the wonderfully scented New Zealand produced a white color sport(mutation), it was a welcome surprise. It has great glossy foliage, beautiful flower florm, etc. Strong honeysuckle fragrance. Introduced 1999.

Gemini - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
This award winining Hybrid Tea is a combination of rich cream blushing to deep coral. The big buds spiral open to reveal large double blossoms of complimentary tones. Best size and form in moderate temperatures. Introduced 2000.

Gertrude Jekyll - English Rose - View Picture
Deep pink blooms with classic form and powerful fragrance, on a very robust plant. Introduced 1986.

Gingersnap - Floribunda - View Picture
It just takes one bloom to oopen for the dazzling orange tones of the tough ruffled flowers to snap your eyes to attention. The rounded bushy plant flowers readily. Dark green foliage. Brightest color in cool conditions. Introduced 1978.

Glowing Peace- Grandiflora - View Picture
Luminous petal colors of amber gold polished with cantaloupe orange make each bud & blossom glimmer in the garden. Shiny green foliage mirrors the sun and highlights the bushy upright plant. Quite a show all season long. Introduced 2001.

Gold Medal - Grandiflora - View Picture
The very vigorous plant gives a nearly constant supply of shapely dark gold buds brushed with orange and deep golden yellow flowers rich with fruity fragrance. The long stems are low-thorned and clothed with large very resistant deep green foliage. Deeper color in moderate climates. Introduced 1983.

Golden Masterpiece - Hybrid Tea
One of the more successful roses in the Msterpiece series. It produces large beautifully-formed flowers of lasting yellow gold. Pleasant licorice fragrance. Introduced 1954.

Golden Showers - Climber
Award winning. Abundant cluster of fragrant ruffled pure yellow flowers. Bright green leaves. Blooms on new and old wood. Climbing canes 12 to 14 feet. Introduced 1956.

Graham Thomas - English Rose - View Picture
This tribute to the British rosarian boasts a lavish tea rose scent. Strong yellow blooms. Introduced 1983.

Granada - Hybrid Tea
The festive tropical colorations and heady perfume of this rose will lure you to bury your nose in her shapely large blossoms. The vigorous upright bush knocks out loads of long-stemmed pointed buds cloaked in tough large quilted dark green foliage. Strong, rose and spice fragrance. Cool conditions bring out best color & size. Introduced 1964.

Guinevere - English Rose
Blooms with a form and scent reminiscent of roses of old, but it's thoroughly modern when it comes to hardiness and disease-resistance. The petal-filled flowers cover a compact bush, blending well with mixed borders. Strong old-rose fragrance. Introduced 2002

Heart 'n' Soul - Shrub
This shrub rose has big clusters of ruffled white flowers broadly banded with lipstick red. To complete the ensemble, set all those colors against super-clean burgundy & green foliage on a large vigorous mounding plant. Introduced 2002.

Helmut Schmidt - Hybrid Tea
This sturdy Hybrid Tea from Germany can take the heat and still come up shining with its lasting yellow color, its big shapely buds and its long cutting stems. The compact upright plant is clothed with large grey-green leaves. Size can shrink in heat. Sweet tea fragrance. Introduced 1997.

Henry Fonda - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Distinct, deep yellow blooms complemented by clean, deep green foliage cover this remarkably vigorous plant all season. Introduced 1995.

High Hopes- Climber - View Picture
Its color is rare among climbers, with sweet-scented, true-pink blossoms, and a delicious fragrance of strawberries. Spent blooms fall away cleanly to keep it tidy. Introduced 2001.

Honor - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Huge well-formed clear white blooms are carried on this tall vigorous plant. The large dark green leaves and bronzy-red new growth are very disease resistant. Honor will yield lots of long stems suitable for cutting. Happiest on the Pacific Coast. Slight tea fragrance. Introduced 1979.

Hot Cocoa - Floribunda - View Picture
Pointed buds of deep rust unfurl to reveal a chocolate haze of velvety smoked tones that can even take on a purply cast. Set against gobs of glossy foliage, the ruffled fragrant flowers are mirrored by super-green leaves. Easy vigor and natural disease-resistance make it a must for every garden. Introduced 2003.

Iceberg -Floribunda - View Picture
One of the top ten roses of the world and the best landscape white around, Iceberg is extremely disease resistant, vigorous and floriferous. The long pointed buds and crisp white flowers are borne in great profusion with the least of care. The bushy rounded plant is robed in dark green foliage. Great for hedges. Introduced 1958.

Iceberg - Climber - View Picture
What more needs to be said? At last, the climbing English sport of the world's best white landscape rose is available. It has all the great qualities of Iceberg in a vigorous Climber. Blooms on old wood only. Flowers more on established plants. Introduced 1968.

Ingrid Bergman - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Ingrid will perform like a trooper in your garden with clear bright red blossoms set against deep green resistant foliage. But she won't dominate the garden stage by overpowering other rosy performers. Coming from Denmark, the plant is compact yet vigorous and hardy. Color and form clarify with a little heat. Introduced 1985.

Ink Spots - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
There's something alluring and mysterious about the near-black flowers. Its black pointed buds gracefully open to very well-formed velvety dark red blooms. Super large dark green foliage covers the bushy plant. Stands up to all types of weather. Very dark flowers. Size can shink in heat. Introduced 1985.

Intrigue - Floribunda - View Picture
Extraordinary and truly intriguing! The deep purple-red buds and velvety plum flowers are shown on the dark green leaves of this bushy rounded plant. Strong citrus fragrance. Established plants give more blooms and best color. Introduced 1984.

John F. Kennedy - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Cherished mostly as a tribute to the popular President, the slow-opening fragrant flowers of rich white start off with an unusual greenish cast in the bud stage. The extra full petalage stands up well to hot weather. Needs warm night temperatures to open best. Introduced 1965.

Joseph's Coat - Climber - View Picture
Very popular. Bounteous clusters with double flowers of ever-changing colorful hues. Glossy apple-green leaves. Blooms on new and old wood. Not hardy in cold weather climates. Multicolors of red, pink, orange, and yellow. Introduced 1964.

Just Joey - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The big brandy-colored buds, the large ruffled apricot flowers steeped with fruity fragrance, and the huge glossy green leaves have intoxicated many a rose lover. An immigrant from England, the bushy vigorous plant takes well to our shores. Deepest color in moderate consistent temperatures. Introduced 1972.

Key Largo - Hybrid Tea- View Picture
Big, bright and impressive. Key Largo is a striking, clear coral from bud to finish. The elegant, high-centered flowers grow up to 5.5 inches across, and are perfectly complemented by glossy, dark green foliage. Introduced 2002.

Lagerfeld - Grandiflora
A pale lavender. Hardy, dependable and scented of spicy potpourri and sweet sachet. An elegant garden rose, abundant bloomer and delightful in cut flower bouquets. Introduced in 1986.

Lavaglut - Floribunda - View Picture
Large glowing clusters of deep velvety red seem to continually 'erupt' from a blanket of glossy green leaves, creating a display that will warm your heart. Proven consistent performer. Introduced 1979.

Lemon Drop- Miniature - View Picture
This sweet piece of lemony eye-candy looks much like its parent, Gingerbread Man - loads of old-fashioned formed flowers, lots of bright green clean leaves, long-lasting color, good vigor and attractive habit. The clear lemon yellow blossoms come in showy clusters. Height: 16 - 20 inches. Introduced 2001.

Lemon Meringue- Climber - View Picture
A fragrant hardy yellow climber that produces large, double flowers in clusters. Strong spice & fruit fragrance. Introduced 2005.

Little Paradise - Miniature - View Picture
Numerous clusters hold the bountiful blossoms up for all to see on this vigorous upright plant. Medium lavender flowers with a ruby blush. Lavender tones intensify in cool conditions. Introduced 1991.

Livin' Easy - Floribunda - View Picture
The foliage is so glossy green and free from black spot that the bush looks great even without flowers. But you won't have much of an opportunity to see just leaves 'cause it blooms up a storm. Flowers of showy apricot orange will light up your landscape. Introduced 1996.

Long Tall Sally- Shrub - View Picture
Her big rounded clusters, buff pink buds and single white flowers sure make you think of her near-cousin, Sally Holmes. Long Tall Sally stands apart from the crowd with an absolutely upright vigorous bushy plant blessed with huge clean green leaves, and a nearly continuous production of long-lived hydrangea-like flower heads. Great as a background planting or as an everblooming hedge. Introduced 2001.

Love and Peace - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
It is full and bushy with lots of long stems, gobs of glossy green leaves and abundant big yellow blushed pink blossoms. Naturally vigorous and nearly always showing some color. Prefers humid climates. Introduced 2002.

Lovers Lane - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Deeply saturated, red hybrid tea is surprisingly bright, thanks to the lighter reverse on its petals. A very vigorous, disease-resistant performer. Introduced 2002.

Lynn Anderson - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Perfectly formed long lasting blossoms of cream finely edged with pink come on unbelievably long stems. Huge green resistant leaves held all the way to the ground create a formal gown for this country lady. Robust grower. Form and petalage best when cool. Introduced in 1995.

Marilyn Monroe - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The extraordinarily feminine creamy apricot color holds through from the long pointed buds to the big open blooms. A gown of deep green leaves graces the cutting length stems. The best apricot for hot weather. Introduced 2003.

Margaret Merril - Floribunda - View Picture
Armloads of ecru duds open to ruffled semi-double blooms of satin white saturated with the rich perfume of citrus blossoms. Large flowers in moderate temperatures. Good in mass plantings. Introduced 1978.

Marmalade Skies - Floribunda - View Picture
Big classic clusters lend this winner to the landscape. Her clear red-toned orange colors last well through the life of the flower. Vigorous and easy-to-grow. Introduced 2001.

Mellow Yellow - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Quite's the mellowest of yellows...perfectly pure clean and clear. This yellerific Hybrid Tea holds its hues until the petals fall. Lots of big blossoms come on long cutting stems from the easy-to-grow natrually vigorous plant. Larger flower size in cooler weather. Moderate fruity fragrance. Introduced 2002.

Miami Moon - Floribunda - View Picture
Indescribable pink-maybe shrimp, maybe seashell, maybe even flesh-toned. All of her soft landscapable pink shades really shine against clean glossy green leaves. Fresh color deepens in moderate temperatures. Introduced 2002.

Midas Touch - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Even though the peatlage isn't heavy, the large flowers are resilient to all types of weather - and hold that neon yellow color to the very sweet end. Always a great color. Best size and petalage when cool. Moderate fruity fragrance. Introduced 1994.

Miss Behavin - Floribunda - View Picture
It blooms bright and beautiful in a season-long display of deep pink blooms with a yellow reverse, scented of sweet apples. Vigorous upright growth, remarkable disease resistance and lush, glossy foliage. Introduced 2001.

Mister Lincoln - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
A historic American milestone in red roses that's still hard to beat. The large pointed buds and rich red well-formed blooms have a velvety quality that you must feel to believe. The powerful damask rose fragrance seduces even the hardest heart. Vigorous, tall and proud with long stems & dark green leaves. Introduced 1965.

Mojave - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Known for its very long elegant buds and beautifully blended orange hues, this rose was a breakthrough in its day because of its free vigorous growth, fruity fragrance, large flowers & very glossy green foliage. Colors deepen in cool spring conditions. Introduced 1954.

Moon Shadow - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Delightful hybrid tea enchants the senses with delicate coloring and heady perfume. Blooms are dusky lavender - more silvery than purple. Introduced 1996.

Moonstone - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Her many, large white edged with pink blooms almost look sculpted from fine porcelain. Yet they're held atop all-too-real cutting stems clothed with large dark green leaves. Abrilliant solitaire to set into any garden. Prefers some heat to bring out best form. Introduced 1999.

Morden Centennial - Shrub - View Picture
A proven favorite for hardiness and flower power. Loads of pure pink blooms cover the plant with just a little bit of lovin', water and food. Little to no winter cover is required. Can climb in mild climates yet still blooms well. Introduced 1980.

Nearly Wild - Floribunda
This proven cold-weather performer is great when it comes to floriferousness. Mass plantings give the best displays. Give it good air curculation for the maximum performance. Medium-compact/bushy growth habit. Medium pink single flowers. Introduced in 1941.

Neptune - Hybrid TeaView Picture
Beautiful rich lavender purple flowers borne on large glossy green leaves with good vigor and strong vitality. Powerful sweet rose fragrance. Introduced 2004.

New Day - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
New Day borke the genetic barrier for yellow roses because of its strong vigor, bushy attractive habit and full long-lived flowers. The foliage has an unusual grey cast that sets off the yellow color of the large flowers. Lots of long stems. Best in moderate temperatures. Moderate fruity fragrance. Introduced 1977.

Octoberfest - Grandiflora - View Picture
Gorgeous glossy green leaves and dark red new shoots join the celebration of ever-changing yellows, oranges and reds. Elegant pointed buds and large flowers arrive in lovely clusters for an instant bouquet. Moderate fruity fragrance. Colors brighten in cool weather. Introduced 1999.

Oklahoma - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
This most known of the black-reds produces big buds and graceful flowers on a bushy plant beset with large leaves. Darkest color and best performance with some heat. Strong rose fragrance. Introduced 1964.

Oranges 'n' Lemons - Shrub - View Picture
Stripes of pure yellow splashed onto bright orange will stop even the most finicky rose buyer in their tracks. The magogany red new foliage shows up all year long, maturing to a very resistnat deep green. This vigorous bush has a fountainous habit that can be trained as a climber or pillar in milder climates. Introduced in 1995.

Oregold - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The lasting deep yellow color of the big pointed buds and large finely-formed flowrs is certainly a beauty to behold. The glossy polished dark green leaves make the blooms sparkle all the more. Cool conditions improve color and size. Introduced 1975.

Our Lady of Guadalupe - Floribunda - View Picture
Named for the Patroness of the Americas, this rose is uncommonly lovely. Very free-flowering, with silvery pink blossoms covering a natrually attractive bush. Exceptionally disease resistant. Introduced 2001.

Outta the Blue - Shrub
It's outta this world when it comes to the display of may blue hues - rich magenta spiked with yellow, deep wine sparked with cream, warm lavender spilling to nearly blue. All on just one gorgeous green plant. Free-flowering and super vigorous, she bears big clusters of old-fashioned-formed flowers. Ever-changing colors for all climates. Introduced 2002.

Pascali - Hybrid Tea
This Belgian beauty is famed for its vigorous disease-resistant bush that seems to continually produce will-formed long-lasting blossoms of soft white. Leathery leaves of dark green enhance the abundant flowers. Proven performer. Size can shrink in heat. Introduced in 1969.

Pat Austin - English Rose - View Picture
Richly perfumed rosettes are colored bright copper inside, pale copper-yellow outside. Introduced 1999.

Peace - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Even non-rosarians know Peace by its huge opulent lemony yellow edged pure pink blossoms, its delicious blend of colors, its very large glossy green foliage, and its easy-to-grow plant. Mild fruity fragrance. Best color and performance East of the Rockies. Introduced 1946.

Peace - Climber - View Picture
Huge full flowers of soft yellow edged pink. Extremely large quilted dark green leaves. Blooms on old wood only. Mild fruity fragrance. Established plants give more bloom. Best color East of the Rockies. Introduced 1950.

Pearl- Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The color of the long elegant creamy buds is nearly iridescent with just a little yellow at the base and the palest overwash of pink on the outer petal edges. Pearl makes a bushy attractive plant for the garden. Introduced 2001.

Pearl Essence- Hybrid Tea - View Picture
A fine new rose for garden color and cutting, with the best characteristics from its award-winning parents, Sterling Silver and Honor. Its plentiful flowers are a lovely blend of light pinks. They also have excellent high-centered form, thick substance that gives them a long vase life, and a strong, sweet fragrance that makes them doubly enjoyable. Introduced 2001.

Perfect Moment - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Large yellow flowers broadly edged with bright red are held on strong stems. The compact bushy plant provides a moment of wonder when you see the abundance of large flamboyantly tinted blooms. Large dark green leaves of good disease resistance. Introduced 1991.

Perfume Delight - Hybrid Tea
This beautiful deep pink rose has big shapely buds and blooms borne on long strong stems. The vigorous upright plant is attractively robed with large dark green leaves. Established plant gives more bloom. Strong rose fragrance. Introduced in 1974.

Pink Peace - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The rounded vigorous bush produces large shapely lustrous clear pink flowers with a sweet fragrance and leathery leaves of deep green. Performance improves with warmer temperatures. Strong rose fragrance. Introduced 1959.

Playboy - Floribunda - View Picture
This single petaled rose shows off colors of orange and scarlet with a yellow eye in bountiful clusters. Sweet apple fragrance. Consistent perfromer. Size increases in cool conditions. Introduced 1976.

Pretty Lady - Floribunda
Her pretty pastel color may look delicate. But hthis lady is one tough cookie. Think of her as French Lace on a hardy plant that blooms like Iceberg with a blackspot cleanliness that can rival Knock Out. Just find a spot and let her do her thing. Introduced in 1997.

Princess Marianna - Shrub - View Picture
This disease resistant and sturdy shrub produces many pastel peachy white blooms on top of glossy green leaves. Moderate fresh-cut apple fragrance. Medium-low/compact growth habit. More peach tones in cooler temperatures. Introduced in 1998.

Purple Passion - Grandiflora - View Picture
Regal, deep-purple, high-centered blooms with an irresistibly tangy lemon fragrance. The vigorous bush produces countless long stems all season, crowned with ideal cut flowers. Introduced 2000.

Purple Tiger - Floribunda - View Picture
Unique purple stripes and a pleasant rip currant fragrance combine on a hardy, upright plant. Stunning in the garden, especially among white roses. Introduced 1991.

Polka- Climber
This peach climber combines old rose fashion with the repeat flowering, disease tolerance and witner hardiness of a modern shrub. Endowed with a fragrance that beckons your visit to the garden with a distinct appearance.

Queen Elizabeth - Grandiflora
You would be hard pressed to find any better rose to carry the name of England's beloved monarch than this American turning-point in roses. This first and finest Grandiflora adorns gardens all over the world with a profusion of pleasing pink buds and large blooms on long-stemmed clusters. Proven consistent performer. Lots of color. Introduced 1955.

Reba McEntire - Grandiflora
True to its class, the brilliant orange-red blossoms are borne in great clusters atop an upright bush donned in glorious glossy green leaves. Great color. Best flower size in cooler conditions. Introduced 1998.

Rosie O'Donnell - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Named to honor the popular talk show host. Flowers display velvet scarlet with a distinct ivory yellow reverse. Large, double blossoms and long cutting stems. Best form and size in moderate temperatures.

Royal Gold - Climber
Rich golden HT-shaped buds and blooms with lasting dep yellow color. Cutting length stems. Blooms on new and old wood. Best color and size when cooler. Introduced 1957.

Sally Holmes - Climber
Sally gives huge clusters that resemble Hydrangea heads - filled with buff-colored buds that open to white single flowers. Despite their frail appearance, the blooms last well even in heat. Vigorous, disease resistant and very free flowering. Blooms on new wood. Godd in most temperatures. Deeper bud color when cool. Introduced 1976.

Scentimental - Floribunda View Picture
Each petal is as unique as a snowflake - some more burgundy-splashed-white, some more cream-swirled-red -- all on the same vigorous plant. The old-fashioned form & fragrance may remind you of its stingy blooming ancestors. Distinctive clean quilted foilage. Introduced 1997.

Secret - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
You can't keep this Secret secret because the sweet fragrance will give it away. At last!! An AARS winner with perfume worth bragging about. But it's not all just for the nose, you eyes will love the loads of well-formed flowers whose soft colors are set off by mahogony-red new foliage. Color: Cream brushed with rich pink.

Snowfire - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Nothing grabs the eye like the stark contrast of colors which is best displayed in the bud stage of this novel beauty. Huge pointed buds of clear white unfurl to show off the velvety red lining, resulting in a monstrous open bloom of bright scarlet. Size & color are best in cool spring conditions.

Sonia - Grandiflora - View Picture
The amazing popularity of this long-budded rose with such delicate feminine pink tones in the florist trade created a demand among the garden rose enthusiasts. No other rose has accomplished this feat. The soft colors and shapely flowers are just as beautiful outdoors. Consistent color. Size can shrink in heat. Introduced 1974.

Space Odyssey - Miniature
Catapulting us into the next century for Mini roses, this space-age cutie has great low round bushy habit with some of the best disease resistance to date. The big long-lived blossoms are held just atop the mounded mass of deep green leaves and the lustrous color looks good from but to fully open. Color: Velvet red with a white eye. Introduced 2001.

Spice So Nice - Climber - View Picture
This large-flowered climber bears beautiful apricot orange flowers that are reversed with yellow. Strong spice fragrance. Only for mild climates. Not hardy in cold climates. Introduced 2002.

Stainless Steel - Hybrid Tea
This everyday version of Sterling Silver is much easier-to-care-for, much easier-to-grow and has much longer lasting flowers. Yet is still possesses the wonderful perfume and the mysterious pastel color that places its far-removed ancestor in rose history. Deep green large leaves clothe the tall vigorous plant. Strong rose fragrance. Introduced 1997.

Stairway to Heaven - Climber
This robust rose performs true to its name with fast growth, and lots of long, elegant buds and blooms reaching skyward. The ruffled red blossoms begin high-centered and open fully, transitioning from rich red to a light red at finish.Hardy and very resistant to disease. Introduced 2003.

Starry Night - Shrub
With very little effort on your part, your landscape can twinkle with sparkling stars of white. Each perfectly single bright white flowers has the charm of a dogwood. Yet the bushy easy-to-grow plant is as profuse as a dandelion. Never seems to stop flowering. Introduced 2002.

Sterling Silver - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The lavender rose that everyone knows - whether they may love its color or not. A landmark rose for its novel silvery hues, its very shapely pointed buds and sweetly fragrant flowers. Established plants give better size & color in cool conditions. Not hardy in colder climates.

Sultry - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Stunning apricot-yellow and pink buds are up to 2" long, and open dramatically into large mango blooms with a sweet, fruity fragrance. Very vigorous and disease resistant.

Sunset Celebration - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Sometimes sunset hues are apricot burnished with cream, sometimes amber orange blushed with warm pink and sometimes a clear warm rich peach. It just depends on which sunset. All these colors can come forth from this attractive well-formed Hybrid Tea, depending on your locale. Winner of many international awards

Sunsprite - Floribunda - View Picture
Amongst the world's top ten roses, this is the only yellow...and for good reason. Sunsprite has deep lasting yellow color, super sweet fragrance, lots of glossy deep green leaves, an attractive bushy plant and good disease resistance. Introduced 1977.

Sun Sprinkles
Sunshine doesn't compare to the intense yellow hue of this rare AARS award-winning Mini. Beautiful flower form, unbelievably lasting color, bushy round plants and great glossy foliage - all together create a shimmering spotlight for the landscape.

Tiffany - Hybrid Tea
Its pure pink colors glow with the yellow "light" in the heart of the large well-formed flowers. Super-sweet fragrance and dark green foliage adorns each jewel of a bloom. Good performer. Best color with some heat. Strong fruity fragrance. Introduced 1955.

Tigress - Grandiflora
Pointed buds begin purple, opening to classically formed, highcentered flowers that finish deep pink and white. A powerhouse of scent, they're richly infused with a lush damask perfume reminiscent of ripe currant and borne in small clusters on long stems. Introduced 2002.

Top Notch - Floribunda
It is a fitting color of strong glowing gold. And, typical of McGredy, glossy foliage, storng vigor and abundant bloom abound. Color deepens with warm nights. Moderate fruit and anise fragrance. Introduced 2003.

Touch of Class - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
The indescribable blending of orange, pink and cream in the pointed buds finish a warm coral. Her vigorous plant gives lots of long stems complimented by deep green leaves and mahogany new growth. Consistent form. Best color in moderate temperatures. Introduced 1986.

Tournament of Roses - Grandiflora - View Picture
Named in honor of the 100th anniversary of the world-renowned parade, this hard-working award-winner can flower so profusely that it might resemble one of the famous floats. The vigorous upright bushy plant decorates itself with highly disease-resistant glossy green leaves and numerous clusters of festive pink buds and blooms. Easy to grow. Very floriferous. Color improves with some warmth. Light spice fragrance. Introduced 1989.

Tropicana - Hybrid Tea
Tropicana carries a terrific reputation that still flourishes worldwide. Large shapely blossoms illuminate the garden with warm colors and fruity fragrance. Big pointed buds are borne on long stems clothed with glossy green foliage. Best performance East of the Rockies. Introduced 1963.

Veteran's Honor - Hybrid Tea
Exquisite 2 inch buds spiral into magnificent long-stemmed blooms that have high centers, enduring deep red color and last for up to two weeks in the vase. Introduced 2000.

Victoria Spice - English
Lovely petal-filled cups, in a fetching soft peach pink, with a sweet, old-rose scent that enchants the senses. Glossy, dark green foliage. Strong old-rose fragrance. Introduced 2000.

Voodoo - Hybrid Tea - View Picture
Each long pointed bud and large flower will cast a magic spell over you with the ever-changing array of scrumptious peachy orange colors and heady sweet perfume. Its tall super-vigorous plant gives lots of long stems clothed with highly polished glossy dark green leaves that almost appear unreal. Naturally disease resistant and easy to grow.

Whisper - Hybrid Tea
This is the first white Hybrid Tea to win the AARS award since 1980. And it comes from the talented Dickson family of Northern Ireland. Large long buds of very pastel-yellow are carried on strong cutting-length stems. Classically formed flowers of creamy white top a full gown of deep green leaves. Best flower size in cooler temperatures. Introduced 2003.

William Baffin - Climber
Hardy as nails yet pretty as a picture. Bill's super vigor, disease resistance and ability to survive 'Father Winter' is only surpassed by his wonderful display of bawdy pink blossoms. Blooms on new and old wood. Mild fragrance. Introduced 1983.
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